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Night at the Museum 2018

Sustainability is more than energy efficiency – Industry event focused on the construction of sustainable buildings.

Night at the Museum 2018

Sustainable buildings was the topic of the third “Night at the Museum” on the 21st of March 2018 in the German National Museum in Nürnberg.

200 guests attended the keynote speeches from various sectors including architecture, window, curtain wall and glazing industry, whereby sustainability is playing an ever-important role.

Johannes Kreißig, Managing Director of the DGNB, emphasized energy efficiency is not the only prerequisite for sustainable buildings. To enhance the quality of life for all the inhabitants of the buildings, this is as important as energy efficiency.

A journey through the workings of the star architect Hadi Teherani marked the highlight of the evening. No matter how extravagant his projects are, as a designer or architect, the user is always at the center of his work. In all of his buildings, the interesting and complex glass, window and façade solutions impressed the audience and showed the importance of this sector to the industry.
The beauty lies in the elegance of simplicity and the longevity of a building should be the foundation for sustainability.

Ulrich Tschorn, CEO of the window, door and curtain wall association (VFF), built the bridge from general sustainability of buildings to specific building components and their influence on this topic.

Before the relaxed get together started, Pierre Schlosser (Technoform) summarized how close cooperation, strong alliances and shared knowledge are needed, to achieve the goals of sustainable building. The organizers of the “Night at the Museum” demonstrated this ideology.

The event was organized by:
German Sustainable Building Council -
ift Rosenheim -
Window, door and curtainwall association -

Picture: Daniel Karman Together for Sustainability (from left) Johannes Kreißig (DGNB), Hadi Teherani, Pierre Schlosser (Technnoform), Ulrich Tschorn (VFF), Professor Ulrich Sieberath (ift Rosenheim)