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Technoform Bautec showcases a brand new product at BATIMAT 2015 in Paris

Windows, doors and façades are thermal weak points in building envelopes. Efficient insulation helps to minimise heat transfer between the inside and outside of buildings thus reducing energy consumption and costs. To provide thermal breaks in aluminium systems, Technoform Bautec offers innovative and reliable high-precision profiles.

Technoform Bautec showcases a brand new product at BATIMAT 2015 in Paris

Technoform Bautec ranks among the world‘s leading developers and manufacturers of insulating profiles for aluminium window, door and façade systems. At BATIMAT (November 2nd to 6th, 2015) in Paris the company will showcase its Low Lambda Polyamide, a material that has been further enhanced to optimise thermal break. In the past decades thermal break has changed substantially. Whilst in the early 80s insulation zones were not used and Uf values of 6.3 W/(m²·K) were acceptable, we are now able to achieve the passive house standard with values below 1.0 W/(m²·K).

Low Lambda Polyamide enables better Uf values
Polyamide 66 GF25 offers a reliable Lambda value of 0.3 W/(m·K). Whilst keeping the positive properties of polyamide as well as the proven process chain, Technoform Bautec has managed to further develop this product and come up with a solution characterised by a lower Lambda value, which is significant progress. With Low Lambda Polyamide, there is now an innovative insulating profile available on the market with a certified and reliable value of 0.21 W/(m·K) to further enhance high-end systems.

Low Lambda Polyamide helps to reduce overall depth
Nowadays, even high-end systems cannot do without insulation zones that are at least 54mm wide and with an overall depth of 90mm. By using Low Lambda Polyamide depths can be further reduced while keeping Uf values unchanged and therefore saving raw materials and costs

Low Lambda Polyamide for reliable mechanical performance
Aluminium window, door and façade systems need to meet stringent mechanical requirements for which Polyamide 66 GF25 has proved to be the best material. Low Lambda Polyamide also complies with all the usual requirements stipulated by European standards (EN 14024). It is a high-precision material in production and subsequent processing and the quality it offers is outstanding.

The benefits of Low Lambda Polyamide in brief:

  • Thermal performance in window, door and façade systems can be optimised
  • Systems can be downsized whilst performance levels remain unchanged
  • It complies with the requirements specified by European standards
  • It allows high precision in production and subsequent processing
  • Process chain and product quality are certified and reliable

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Our company in brief
Within the Technoform Group, Technoform Bautec specialises in the development and production of high-precision insulating profiles made of polyamide as well in special solutions for use in aluminium windows, doors and façades. With eight production plants and 22 sales locations Technoform Bautec is now a global player. Technoform Bautec produces over 300 million metres of insulating strips annually and is therefore the world‘s leader in its field. For more than 30 years, the company has been developing and producing solutions for enhancing thermal quality in innovative systems together with its customers.