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Low Lambda Polyamide: reliable thermal break has a new value

Complex geometries and constantly increased projected widths were winning strategies for shrinking Uf values. However, further improvements are becoming getting more and more complicated. Whilst set on keeping all the positive properties of Polyamide 66 GF25 we were looking for a way to optimize systems and found a solution with a reduced Lambda value!



So we are pleased to be able to present you our Low Lambda Polyamide with a certified and reliable value of 0.21 W/(m·K). Values were certified by the Fraunhofer IBP, Stuttgart on 8th October 2015.


Let’s see what is possible!

Low Lambda Polyamide enables better U-values

Nowadays, hollow chambers, foams and foils are used to bring about improvements. By using Low Lambda Polyamide with a Lambda value of 0.21 W/(m·K) (Polyamide 66 GF25 0.3 W/(m·K)), it is possible to further enhance high-end systems.

We look forward to taking up your challenges.

Low Lambda Polyamide helps to reduce overall depth

Nowadays, high-end systems cannot do without insulation zones that are at least 50 mm wide and with an overall depth of 90 mm. By using Low Lambda Polyamide depths can be again reduced while keeping Uf-values unchanged and saving raw materials.

We look forward to working with you to develop
your systems.

Low Lambda Polyamide for reliable mechanics

Aluminium window, door and facades systems need to meet stringent mechanical requirements, for which Polyamide 66 GF25 has proved to be the best material.

Our Low Lambda Polyamide also complies with all the usual requirements stipulated by European standards.

We look forward to working with you to develop your systems.

Only together we can find the bestsolutions for reaching excellence. Get in contact with us and learn more about our Low Lambda Polyamide and its various possible applications. Let‘s work together today to design tomorrow‘s innovations.